10 Facts about Diamond Mining

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Facts about Diamond Mining tell you about a number of diamond mines in the world. More than 90 percent of the world’s supply of diamond is located on 50 largest mines. There are several disperse areas in the world which also become the mining sources of diamonds. The weather and water action make the diamonds concentrated, deposited or even eroded on the ground. Here are other interesting facts about diamond mining to notice:

Facts about Diamond Mining 1:  Catoca diamond mine

The four largest diamond mines in the world is located in Angola. It is called Catoca diamond mine.

Facts about Diamond Mining 2: the owners of Catoca diamond mine

A consortium of international mining interests is the owners of Catoca diamond mine. The state mining company of Angola called Endiama owns 32.8 percent of it. Another 32.8 percent is owned by Alrosa of Russia. The Diamond Finance CY BV Group gets 16.8 percent ownership, while Odebrecht of Brazil earns 16.4 percent.

Diamond Mining Facts

Diamond Mining Facts

Facts about Diamond Mining 3: the production of diamond in Catoca diamond mine

In 2000, there were 360 kilograms or 1.8 million carats of diamond produced in the mine.

Facts about Diamond Mining 4: the diamond mines located in Angola

There are three diamond mines located in Angola. They are Luarica diamond mine, Fucauma diamond mine and Catoca diamond mine.

Diamond Mining Image

Diamond Mining Image

Facts about Diamond Mining 5: the diamond mines in South Africa

There are diamond mines in South Africa. They include Finsch diamond mine, Baken diamond mine, and Cullinan diamond mine.

Facts about Diamond Mining 6: other diamond mines in Africa

Other diamond mines in Africa include Miba located in Democratic Republic of the Congo, Letlhakane diamond mine in Botswana, Williamson diamond mine in Tanzania and Marange diamond fields in Zimbabwe.

Diamond Mining Pictures

Diamond Mining Pictures

Facts about Diamond Mining 7: diamond mines in Russia

Russia is also a home of several diamond mines in the world. They include Zarnitsa mine, Mirny GOK, Aikhal and Jubilee.

Facts about Diamond Mining 8: diamond mines in United States

There are two diamonds mines in United States. Both are located in Colorado and Arkansas. Get facts about Dean Kamen here.

Diamond Mining Pic

Diamond Mining Pic

Facts about Diamond Mining 9: diamond mines in Canada

The Northwest Territories in Canada is a home to several diamond mines. They include Ekati Diamond Mine, Diavik Diamond Mine, Gahcho Kue Diamond Mine Project, and Snap Lake Diamond Mine. Check facts about Dave Thomas here.

Facts about Diamond Mining 10: The Premier Mine

Petra Diamonds is the owner of the Premier Mine. In November 2003, the mine was renamed into the Cullinan Diamond Mine.

Facts about Diamond Mining

Facts about Diamond Mining

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