10 Facts about Distilled Water

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Let me show you the pure water on Facts about Distilled Water.  The impurities of the water have been removed during the process of distillation. Therefore, it is called as distilled water. The steam of the boiling water during the condensing process is directed into the clean container during the distillation. Since at least 200 AD, the sea water has been distilled by the people to produce the drinking water. Alexander of Aphrodisias described this process. Check out other interesting facts about distilled water below:

Facts about Distilled Water 1: Aristotle’s Meteorologica

Actually the process of distillation had been referred in a passage of Aristotle’s Meteorologica. It preceded the process described by Aphrodisias.

Facts about Distilled Water 2: the improvement of water distillation

The process of water distillation had been improved by Captain Israel Williams of the Friendship (1797).

distilled water facts

distilled water facts

Facts about Distilled Water 3: the distilled water and deionized water

The distilled water is less preferable than the deionized water because the latter one is cheaper for the industrial, biological and chemical fields.

Facts about Distilled Water 4: the usage of distilled water

The distilled water is applied during the industrial or biological process if the deionized water is not pure enough. The double distilled water will be applied if the process requires high level of purity of water.

distilled water images

distilled water images

Facts about Distilled Water 5: lead acid batteries

The lead acid batteries in trucks and cars usually are applied with distilled water at the top of it. The lifespan of the automobile’s battery will be reduced significantly if the tap water contains other ions.

Facts about Distilled Water 6:  the automotive cooling systems

The automotive cooling systems usually will be applied with distilled water rather than the tap water. The internal engine components will be easy to corrode due to the presence of ions and minerals on the tap water. That’s why the distilled water is also applied in many model engines and steam engine boilers.

facts about distilled water

facts about distilled water

Facts about Distilled Water 7: the water in aquarium

Due to the lack of chemicals, the distilled water is also used in aquariums.  Check facts about distillation here.

Facts about Distilled Water 8: other applications

There are many other applications of distilled water. It can be used for enhancing the density of air in airplane jet engine and brewing the traditional European pilsner.

distilled water products

distilled water products

Facts about Distilled Water 9: the sea water and distillation

Producing freshwater from seawater in the Second World War was considered as an expensive and time-consuming process.  Check facts about compounds here.

Facts about Distilled Water 10: the fuel

To produce a gallon of freshwater, the people at that time had to use one gallon of fuel.

distilled water process

distilled water process

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