10 Facts about DNA Replication

Wednesday, September 28th 2016. | Biology

Facts about DNA Replication tell the readers the biological process for using one original DNA molecule to create the identical replica of DNA. All living organisms in the world experience the process of DNA replication. The biological inheritance is always associated with DNA replication. The process is identified by the separation of the strands in the double helix DNA structure.  Here are other interesting facts about DNA replication to notice:

Facts about DNA Replication 1: the perfection

The DNA replication will be ensured to have performed near perfect process due to the mechanisms of error checking and cellular proofreading.

Facts about DNA Replication 2: the location of DNA replication

The replication of DNA is conducted in the genome in a cell. The new strands will be produced from original DNA. Nucleotides will be added by the presence of the DNA polymerase. The S-stage of interphase marks the beginning of DNA replication.

dna replication images

dna replication images

Facts about DNA Replication 3: in vitro process

If you think that DNA replication is always performed inside the cells, you are wrong. It can be conducted outside the cell. It is called as an in vitro process. Get facts about development here.

Facts about DNA Replication 4: double helix structure

DNA has the double helix structure in which the strands are coiled each other.

dna replication pic

dna replication pic

Facts about DNA Replication 5: Nucleotides in DNA

There are four types of Nucleotides found in each single strand of DNA.  It is composed of nucleobase, a phosphate and a deoxyribose sugar. 

Facts about DNA Replication 6:  the types of nucleotide

There are four types of nucleobases found on the nucleotide. They are A for adenine, C for cytosine, G for guanine and T for thymine. The purine bases are guanine and adenine. The pyrimidines are the thymine and cytosine.

dna replication

dna replication

Facts about DNA Replication 7: the function of DNA polymerases

Do you know the function of DNA polymerases? All kinds of DNA replication will be carried out by this family of enzymes.

Facts about DNA Replication 8: the rate of DNA replication

The first living cell of E.coli is considered as the first one to be measured in term of the rate of DNA replication. It produced 749 nucleotides per second.

facts about dna replication

facts about dna replication

Facts about DNA Replication 9: the process of DNA replication

There are three important steps involved in DNA replication. They are initiation, elongation and termination.

Facts about DNA Replication 10: in vitro process with PCR

The PCR, which stands for the polymerase chain reaction, is applied when the scientists want to do the in vitro DNA replication. Find facts about dimples here.

dna replication pictures

dna replication pictures

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