10 Facts about Duroc Pigs

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Let me show you the older breed of American domestic pig on Facts about Duroc Pigs. T.J. Tabasco is the name of the first female Duroc pig, which has its genome sequenced. The basis of the commercial hogs, which has mixed breeding status, is originated from Duroc pig. The Duroc pigs are unique.  It is characterized by the presence of the drooping ears and muscular body.  It has medium length, large-framed and red body. Compared to all swine breeds, it has low level of aggressiveness. Get interesting facts about Duroc pigs below:

Facts about Duroc Pigs 1: the development of Duroc pigs

The development of Duroc pigs was traced back in New England of 1800. The origin of the pig was associated with Africa.

Facts about Duroc Pigs 2: the theory about Duroc pigs’ origin

There was an acceptable theory, which stated that the pigs were transported during the slave trade from the Guinea coast in Africa.

Duroc Pigs

Duroc Pigs

Facts about Duroc Pigs 3: the red body color

Duroc pigs have the red body color. It was believed that the color was derived from the British Berkshire pig, which had rusty brown body color. However, Berkshire pig today has the black color.

Facts about Duroc Pigs 4: the influence

Duroc pigs were not only influenced by the Berkshire breed, but also other breeds from Portugal and Spain. However, people are not certain whether the Duroc pigs were descended from those breeds. Get facts about dung beetles here.

duroc pig Facts

duroc pig Facts

Facts about Duroc Pigs 5: the modern origin of Duroc pigs

Let us find out the origin of Duroc pigs.  This breed was developed from the mix between the older Duroc of New York and Jersey Red crossed in 1850.

Facts about Duroc Pigs 6: show hogs

In 1950s, the Duroc pigs began to compete as a show hog.

duroc pig image

duroc pig image

Facts about Duroc Pigs 7: the color

The color of Duroc pig is not always red. It may range from a deep mahogany red, light golden tone to even orangish-brown color. Look at facts about dugong here.

Facts about Duroc Pigs 8: the impressive characteristics

Duroc pigs impress the people due to their amazing body. It has amazing muscle growth. People also love seeing their quick and hardiness.

duroc pig

duroc pig

Facts about Duroc Pigs 9: the ears

The ears of Duroc pigs are not held erect for they have the drooping ears.

Facts about Duroc Pigs 10:  the body size of the pigs

The Duroc pigs are included as an example of medium sized breed. The body is quite long.

Facts about duroc pigs

Facts about duroc pigs

Are you fascinated after reading facts about Duroc Pigs?

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