10 Facts about Edelweiss Pirates

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Look at the important Facts about Edelweiss Pirates in the following post. This group of youth was established during Nazi Germany. In the late 1930s, the German Youth Movement took place and Edelweiss Pirates were formed because of strict rules applied by Hitler Youth. It was developed in western Germany.

Facts about Edelweiss Pirates 1: the members

The members of Edelweiss Pirates were the youth at the age of 14 to 17. Most of them were the young people.

Facts about Edelweiss Pirates 2: the reaction to strict regimentation

Hitler Youth applied the strict regimentation in Nazi Germany opposed by Edelweiss Pirates by leaving their school. At that time, the youth at the age of 14 were allowed to attend school. At the age of 17 onwards, it was compulsory to follow military conscription. Therefore, the members of Edelweiss Pirates could avoid military due to their young age.

Edelweiss Pirates Facts

Edelweiss Pirates Facts

Facts about Edelweiss Pirates 3: film

The film about Edelweiss Pirates was released in 2004. Niko von Glasow was the director of the movie released under the title Niko von Glasow. It talks about the background, root and movement of Edelweiss Pirates in Nazi Germany. Check facts about dictatorship here.

Facts about Edelweiss Pirates 4: the origin

Actually, the root for Edelweiss pirates was traced back before the Second World War. At that time, the young people in Germany were indoctrinated by Hitler Youth. They were offered with leisure activities.

Edelweiss Pirates Image

Edelweiss Pirates Image

Facts about Edelweiss Pirates 5: the tension

The youth leaders were forced to conscript in the military when the war started. On the other hand, Edelweiss pirates gave the young people opportunities for freedom expression.

Facts about Edelweiss Pirates 6: gender segregation

Gender segregation took place during Nazi Germany. The girls were included in League of German Girls or Bund Deutscher Mädel. The boys were the members for Hitler Youth or Hitler-Jugend. It was not okay to spot boys and girl mingled together. On other hand, Edelweiss pirates promoted a unity.

Edelweiss Pirates Songs

Edelweiss Pirates Songs

Facts about Edelweiss Pirates 7: the dominant members

The dominant members in Edelweiss pirates are males. Get facts about Adolf Hitler here.

Facts about Edelweiss Pirates 8: the symbols

The Edelweiss Pirates’ songs, clothing style and tent were a number of symbols, which opposed German Youth Movement.

Edelweiss Pirates

Edelweiss Pirates

Facts about Edelweiss Pirates 9: propaganda

Volksgemeinschaft or people’s community was the propaganda rejected by the members of Edelweiss movement.

Facts about Edelweiss Pirates 10: support

Edelweiss pirates gave their support for the Allies during the Second World War.

Facts about Edelweiss Pirates

Facts about Edelweiss Pirates

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