10 Facts about Ella Fitzgerald

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Facts about Ella Fitzgerald elaborate the interesting information about the famous American jazz singer. She was born on 25 April 1917 and passed away on 15th June 1996. Fitzgerald earned a number of nicknames. She was often called Lady Ella or even Queen of Jazz. Some people also called her the First Lady of Song. Have you ever heard the beautiful voice of Ella Fitzgerald before? You will be impressed. People recognized her amazing ability for improvements on the song. Moreover, she had impeccable diction, intonation, and diction. Her tone was also pure to hear. Let us get other interesting details about Ella Fitzgerald below:

Facts about Ella Fitzgerald 1: the musical success

Elle enjoyed a great deal of musical success when she performed with Chick Webb Orchestra. Her performance was often linked with the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem.

Facts about Ella Fitzgerald 2: the national fame

Ella along with Webb got the national fame due to “A-Tisket, A-Tasket”. The death of Webb made her took over the band. However, she decided to embrace a solo career in 1942.

Ella Fitzgerald Facts

Ella Fitzgerald Facts

Facts about Ella Fitzgerald 3: the managers

The co-founder of Savoy, Moe Gale was the manager of Ella. Then she decided to trust Norman Granz as her manager. Granz played an important role in the success of Ella since some new records of hers were produced by Granz after he established Verve Records.

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Facts about Ella Fitzgerald 4: as an actress and celebrity

Fitzgerald was also known as a celebrity. She was invited to come to a number of popular TV shows. She also acted in some movies.

Ella Fitzgerald Pic

Ella Fitzgerald Pic

Facts about Ella Fitzgerald 5: musical collaboration

Though Fitzgerald embraced a solo career, she also collaborated with various musicians in the second half of the 20th century. Some of her collaborators included Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong and The Ink Spots. The famous works include “It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)”, “Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall” and “Dream a Little Dream of Me”.

Facts about Ella Fitzgerald 6: the career span

Fitzgerald spanned her career for almost 60 years. The last performance of hers took place in 1993.

Ella Fitzgerald

Ella Fitzgerald

Facts about Ella Fitzgerald 7: death of Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald passed away at the age of 79 due to the decline on her health.

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Facts about Ella Fitzgerald 8: awards and honors

Fitzgerald was a recipient of many awards and honors. She had received the Presidential Medal of Freedom. She was also the winner of National Medal of Arts. She also had four Grammy awards.

Ella Fitzgerald Pics

Ella Fitzgerald Pics

Facts about Ella Fitzgerald 9: early life

Her father was William Fitzgerald. Her mother was Temperance Henry. The birthplace of Ella was located in Newport News, Virginia.

Facts about Ella Fitzgerald 10: personal life

Benny Kornegay and Ella married in 1941. He was her first husband. In 1942, the annulment on the marriage took place. In December 1942, she married Ray Brown. In 1953, they got divorced. She and Larsen married in July 1957 according to the report of Reuters.

Facts about Ella Fitzgerald

Facts about Ella Fitzgerald

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