10 Facts about Abbasid

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Facts about Abbasid give you the detail facts about the Abbasids dynasty which ruled Islam until 1258 AD. Abu’ l-‘Abbas was a direct descendent of Muhammad who gathered the Shiites and non Arab Muslims in 747 AD to defeate the Umayyads. Sunni Umayyad leaders always treated the non as are the subordinate citizens. Therefore, the non Arab Muslim joined the army under the leadership of Abbas. Find out more facts about Abbasid below:

Facts about Abbasid 1: Abbasids Dynasty

Abbasids Dynasty was formed after his army could defeat the Umayyads. Then Abbas called himself as the caliph. The dynasty ruled Islam until 1258 AD.

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Facts about Abbasid 2: Baghdad

Baghdad was a new capital city that created under the order of Abbas. It was one of the richest cities at that time. It became the center of finance and economy in the region. There were 1 million people who lived and worked in the capital city by 900 AD.

Abbasid Coins

Abbasid Coins

Facts about Abbasid 3: The Abbasid Caliphate

The third Islamic caliphate was succeeded by the descendant of Muhammad. It was called as The Abbasid Caliphate. Abbas ibn Abd al-Muttalib was the youngest uncle of Muhammad who descended the Abbasid dynasty.

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Facts about Abbasid 4: Kufa

Kufa was used as the center of the government in Abbasid caliphate before it was moved to Baghdad in 762 under the order of Caliph Al-Mansur. The city was located in strategic position. It was located north of Ctesiphon. It was a Persian capital.

Abbasid Palace

Abbasid Palace

Facts about Abbasid 5: the political power

The Abbasid was very famous with its great power. But when the Buyids and Seljuq Turks were in rise, their political power was ended.

Facts about Abbasid 6: Baghdad

The establishment of Baghdad as a capital city was very important. During the dynasty, it became the center of philosophy, culture, science, and invention in the Golden Age of Islam.

Abbasid Pictures

Abbasid Pictures

Facts about Abbasid 7: Islamic Golden Age

Islamic Golden Age lays since the establishment of Abbasid dynasty until it ended of the dynasty in 1258. The city of Baghdad was conquered by Mongol.

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Facts about Abbasid 8: The Book of One Thousand and One Nights

The Book of One Thousand and One Nights was one of the most popular and well known fiction books in the Islamic world. The concept of the book was derived from the Persian prototype.



Facts about Abbasid 9: All Arabian fantasy tales

You can call all Arabian fantasy tales as the Arabian Nights. The stories were adapted in various movies in English.

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Facts about Abbasid 10: limitations

There are many limitations created based on the Arabian nights. It is also influenced the west stories too.

Facts about Abbasid

Facts about Abbasid

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