10 Facts about Baltimore

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Facts about Baltimore talk about the largest city in Maryland. It is called as the second largest seaport in Mid-Atlantic. The city was established in 1729. Now it is considered as the 26th most populous city in United States. In the past, Baltimore was called as the center of manufacturing. It also took the name of the second leading port for US immigrants. Find out more interesting facts about Baltimore below:

Facts about Baltimore 1: decline

The industrialization and manufacturing were declined for the last few years. Therefore, the people who live in Baltimore decided to focus more on the service oriented economy.

Facts about Baltimore 2: the two top employers in Baltimore

There are two major employers in Baltimore after the decline of manufacturing center. Both are John Hopkins University established in 1876 and Johns Hopkins Hospital established in 1889.

Baltimore Facts

Baltimore Facts

Facts about Baltimore 3: the population

Based on the report in 2013, Baltimore was inhabited by 622,104 people. If you check the population of the people who live in Baltimore Metropolitan Area, you will be amazed. It was occupied by 2.7 million people based on 2010 report.

Facts about Baltimore 4: the famous residents from Baltimore

Can you mention some of the famous residents from Baltimore? Those include Billie Holiday, Frederick Douglass, Edgar Allan Poe, baseball player Babe Ruth, jazz musician James “Eubie” Blake and H.L. Mencken.

Baltimore Skyline

Baltimore Skyline

Facts about Baltimore 5: The Star-Spangled Banner

Do you know that the Star-Spangled Banner was written by Francis Scott Key in the War of 1812 in Baltimore?

Facts about Baltimore 6: the jobs

Most jobs that you can find in Baltimore focus on the field of engineering, technology, sciences and mathematics. Find out a city in England in Baldock facts.

Baltimore City

Baltimore City

Facts about Baltimore 7: the architecture of famous architects

There are many famous architects whose works can be seen in Baltimore. You can check the works of I. M. Pei, George A. Frederick, Benjamin Latrobe, Mies van der Rohe, John Russell Pope and many more.

Facts about Baltimore 8: the famous building

The famous buildings in Baltimore include Rembrandt Peale, The Baltimore Basilica, The McKim Free School, Brown Memorial Presbyterian Church, and The Phoenix Shot Tower.

Facts about Baltimore

Facts about Baltimore

Facts about Baltimore 9: the parkland

Those who love to enjoy the beauty of nature can visit Baltimore. It is the home to more than 4,900 acres of parkland. Find out a city in Australia in Ballarat facts.

Facts about Baltimore 10: the major parks

The major parks in Baltimore than you can visit with family and friends are Druid Hill Park, Federal Hill Park and Patterson Park.

Baltimore at Night

Baltimore at Night

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