10 Facts about Bitmaps

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Facts about Bitmaps tell you about the bitmap index or bit array.  The computer users always want to store digital images. There are various types of memory organization offered. One of them is bitmap. This image file format is used to save the digital images. If you are interested to find out the system or bitmap, check the below information below:

Facts about Bitmaps 1: the name

The name bitmap is taken from the computer programming words. The meaning of bitmap is mapped array of bits or a map of bits.

Facts about Bitmaps 2: bitmap and pixmap

The word bitmap can be defined as at the mapped array of pixels along with the pixmap. You can use the term pixmap or bitmap if you want to call the raster images.  This term applies for both photographic and synthetic images.



Facts about Bitmaps 3: the usage of bitmaps

The common usage of bitmap can be seen in the graphical user interface.  The bitmap is seen in graphic subsystem.

Facts about Bitmaps 4: the instance of bitmap usage

If you are interested to know the usage of bitmap, you need to check it in the subsystem of Microsoft Windows and OS/2 platforms’ GDI. Windows and OS/2 bitmap file format is used as the specific format in their subsystem.

Bitmaps Editor

Bitmaps Editor

Facts about Bitmaps 5: other image file formats

Besides bitmap, actually there are many other image file formats. People can save it in the format of TIFF, JPEG, GIF and PNG. Since they use the internal compressed formats, they are not called bitmaps.

Facts about Bitmaps 6: the image pixels

Let’s find out the images pixels if it is stored in the uncompressed bitmaps. The color depths can be 1, 4, 8, 16, 24, 32, 48 or 64 bit per pixels. That’s the general images pixels for bitmaps.

Bitmaps and Vector

Bitmaps and Vector

Facts about Bitmaps 7: the color

You can get the indexed or even grayscale color in bitmaps if the image pixels are 8 bits or fewer. Get Arpanet facts here.

Facts about Bitmaps 8: the storage

The users can pack or unpack the bits of the bitmap pixels. It can be necessary or unnecessary when you check the device or format.



Facts about Bitmaps 9: the uncompressed bitmaps

Some of the uncompressed bitmaps include the XPM. It is used to save the color images. The black and white images are stored in XBM formal for the X Window System. Find out another technology in facts about barcodes here.

Facts about Bitmaps 10: the compressed bitmap files

Some of the compressed bitmap files include JPEG, TIFF, PNG and GIF.

Facts about Bitmaps

Facts about Bitmaps

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