10 Facts about Blaise Pascal

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Facts about Blaise Pascal present the interesting information about the great contributor of science, math and Christian philosophy. He was born on 19 June 1623 and passed away on 19 August 1662. He showed a wonderful skill, talent and understanding when he was still a kid. Therefore, his father educated him at home for his early education in France. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Pascal by reading the following post below:

Facts about Blaise Pascal 1: “Mystic Hexagram”

“Mystic Hexagram” is an essay created by Blaise Pascal when he was only 16 years old. One of his famous works is Pascal’s theorem.

Facts about Blaise Pascal 2: a working mechanical calculator

Pascal was also an inventor. He created a working mechanical calculator. There were around 50 prototypes of this mechanical device created by Pascal. It took the course for three years to build the device.

Blaise Pascal Calculator

Blaise Pascal Calculator

Facts about Blaise Pascal 3: mathematician

Pascal is also famous as a mathematician. He contributed in the probability theory and projective geometry.   When he had gambling problems, he created this probability theory.

Facts about Blaise Pascal 4: Pascal’s parents

His father was Étienne Pascal. He was a member of “Noblesse de Robe”. He worked as a local judge. His father was very attracted with mathematics and science. His mother died when Blaise Pascal was only three years old. She was Antoinette Begon.

Blaise Pascal Invention

Blaise Pascal Invention

Facts about Blaise Pascal 5: moving

The family decided to move to Paris in 1631. It was five years after the death of Blaise’s mother. His father never married again since he just wanted to educate and raise the children.

Facts about Blaise Pascal 6:  one of his earliest works

The natural and applied sciences were some of his earliest works.  He generalized the work of Evangelista Torricelli by clarifying the pressure and vacuum concepts. He also studied about fluids.

Blaise Pascal

Blaise Pascal

Facts about Blaise Pascal 7: theology and philosophy

Blaise Pascal shifted his study from science to philosophy and theology after he had a religious experience in the end of 1654. Check Benjamin Banneker facts here.

Facts about Blaise Pascal 8: the notable works of Pascal

The notable works of Pascal included the Pensées and the Lettres provincials. You can find out the conflict of Jesuits and Jansenists in the latter work.

Facts about Blaise Pascal

Facts about Blaise Pascal

Facts about Blaise Pascal 9: death

Pascal died two months after he celebrated his 39th birthday.   Pascal’s health was very poor after he celebrated his 18th birthday. Get facts about Bernhard Riemann here.

Facts about Blaise Pascal 10: the honor

The SI unit of pressure is named after Blaise Pascal. It is used to honor Pascal due to his greatest contribution in science.

Blaise Pascal Facts

Blaise Pascal Facts

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