10 Facts about Block Printing

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If you want to know the technique to print images, text or pattern, you have to check facts about block printing. This technique is very famous in East Asia. The wood is considered as the main material for the tool of block printing. People often call it as wood block printing. This technique is originated from China. Let’s get more interesting facts about block printing by checking the following post below:

Facts about Block Printing 1: the technique of block printing

The block printing technique is not a new method to conduct. It has been originated since the antiquity time in China. At that time, it was used for printing textiles. Then it is used to print paper.

Facts about Block Printing 2: the oldest example

The usage of block printing in China was originated before 220 AD based on the oldest know surviving example of block printing on the cloth.

Block Printing Facts

Block Printing Facts

Facts about Block Printing 3: the popular method

Block printing is considered as the popular method in East Asia. Until 19th century, it was used to print texts, books and images.

Facts about Block Printing 4: the Japanese style

If you are interested to learn about block printing, you have to check the Japanese woodblock art print. It is called Ukiyo-e.

Facts about Block Printing

Facts about Block Printing

Facts about Block Printing 5: the brief history and origin

The seal and stamps were commonly used to create impression. This technique was applied in Egypt and Mesopotamia before the block printing technique was invented.

Facts about Block Printing 6: the wood block

The block printing uses the wood block to create images or pattern. The relief pattern will be applied on the wood block carefully. The chisel, knife or sandpaper will be used to cut away the areas on the wood block to show white. The original surface level will feature the image or characters in black.

Block Printing

Block Printing

Facts about Block Printing 7: the ink

To create the print, images or pattern, the ink is needed to apply on the block. Then it will be placed on the surface of cloth or paper.

Facts about Block Printing 8: the carving woodcut

Xylography is used to call the art of carving wood art. When the person applies the block wood cut, it will create the mirrored image. Get facts about being an artist here.

Block Printing Pic

Block Printing Pic

Facts about Block Printing 9: the multiple colors

The multiple colors can be used in block paining. One block will have one color.

Facts about Block Printing 10: Buddhism

The usage of woodblock printing is always related to the spread of Buddhism.  This printing technique is used to spread sutras and charms. Get facts about baroque art here.

Block Printing Picture

Block Printing Picture

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