10 Facts about Brain Coral

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If you want to know the specific coral, you have to check Facts about Brain Coral. It is one of the varieties of coral that you can find underwater. The shape of brain coral can be oval or round. It gets the name as brain coral due to its resemblance with human brain. You can find out the brain coral in all oceans in the world. They like to grow in the warm water and shallow ground. Here are some interesting facts about brain coral for you:

Facts about Brain Coral 1: is it animal or plant?

If you think that a brain coral is a plant, you are wrong. Brain coral is included as a type of animals. They have the colorful look.

Facts about Brain Coral 2: the life span

The life span of brain coral is very long. They can live hundreds of years. The brain coral is made of the calcium carbonate secreted by the colonies of polyps.  The height of brain coral can reach six feet.

Facts about Brain Coral

Facts about Brain Coral

Facts about Brain Coral 3: the appearance of brain coral

If you check out the shape, size and appearance of brain coral, you will be amazed with the colorful and beautiful look. It can be in the eight shaped figure or even flattened figure.

Facts about Brain Coral 4: the common species of brain corals

The common species of brain corals that you can spot in many aquariums in the world include Trachyphyllia geoffroyi and Trachyphyllia radiate. They are available in the various patterns and colors. The metallic green is seen in the radiate species of brain coral. Get facts about box turtles here.

Brain Coral Pic

Brain Coral Pic

Facts about Brain Coral 5: the defense mechanism

Brain coral has their own defense mechanism. To compete with other animals for food and to protect the habitats, they will use the stringers.

Facts about Brain Coral 6: how to keep it inside an aquarium?

If you are interested to keep a brain coral in an aquarium, ensure that it is located far away from other corals.

Brain Coral Image

Brain Coral Image

Facts about Brain Coral 7: the coral reef building

Brain coral is one of the important organisms in the coral reef building. They have sturdy element which make them earned a stony coral nickname.

Facts about Brain Coral 8: the diet

The brain coral gets the nutrition from the floating invertebrates and marine animals.

Brain Coral Facts

Brain Coral Facts

Facts about Brain Coral 9: the threat

The life of brain coral today is very threatening due to the increased pollution and global warming. The brain coral will be dead easily if the water is contaminated. Check facts about box jellyfish here.

Facts about Brain Coral 10: the temperature

The temperature of the water also affects the life of brain coral. The worst coral death ever was recorded in the Caribbean Sea in 1996 due to the increased water temperature.

Brain Coral Color

Brain Coral Color

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