10 Facts about Burrowing Owls

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Facts about Burrowing Owls tell you about the long legged owl. This animal has small body. The scientific name of burrowing owls is Athene cunicularia. You can find them living in various agricultural areas, rangelands, grasslands, open areas and deserts. The burrowing owls are easier to spot in South America and North America. Here are some interesting facts about burrowing owls for you:

Facts about Burrowing Owls 1: the burrows

These owls are called the burrowing owls because they roost and nest inside the burrows. During the day, the burrowing owls are very active. That’s why they are totally different from most owls.

Facts about Burrowing Owls 2: the hunting time

The hunting time for burrowing owls is from the dusk until dawn. It makes them similar with other kinds of owls.

Burrowing Owl Picture

Burrowing Owl Picture

Facts about Burrowing Owls 3: the legs

Compared to other owls, the burrowing owls have longer legs because they live in the open grassland. When the burrowing owls hunt the predators, it can sprint and fly.

Facts about Burrowing Owls 4: the colors of burrowing owls

Let’s find out the colors of burrowing owls. The beaks of burrowing owls can be in gray or dark yellow. It has the bright eyes. It has white chin patch and white eyebrows. When the burrowing owls feel agitated, they will bob the head.

Facts about Burrowing Owls

Facts about Burrowing Owls

Facts about Burrowing Owls 5: the adult burrowing owls

The white spotting is seen on the wings and brown head of adult burrowing owls. The white tone is seen on the abdomen and chest.

Facts about Burrowing Owls 6: the male and female burrowing owls

You can only spot a little sexual dimorphism of female and male burrowing owls. The appearance and size of them are similar. The male usually has longer tail or wing. But the female burrowing owls are heavier.

Burrowing Owl

Burrowing Owl

Facts about Burrowing Owls 7: the average size of burrowing owls

The burrowing owls have the wing span at 20 to 24 inches. The body has the length at 7.5 to 11 inches. The weight of burrowing owls is 4.9 to 8.5 oz. Get facts about British owls here.

Facts about Burrowing Owls 8: the western burrowing owls

The western burrowing owls can be found in some counties of Colorado and Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge.

Burrowing Owls

Burrowing Owls

Facts about Burrowing Owls 9: the life span

The wild species of burrowing owls can live up to 9 nine years. If they are in the captivity, the life span reaches 10 years. Find facts about barn owls here.

Facts about Burrowing Owls 10: the natural enemies of burrowing owls

Snakes, coyotes and badgers are the natural enemies of burrowing owls.

Burrowing Owls Facts

Burrowing Owls Facts


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