10 Facts about Central Park Zoo

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If you are interested to know more about the famous zoo located in Central Park, New York City, you need to check Facts about Central Park Zoo. The area of the zoo is around 2.6 ha or 6.5 acre. The Wildlife Conservation Society or WCS manages the Central Park Zoo as one of the four integrated zoos. Central Park Zoo is considered as the first official zoo opened in New York. It was a menagerie when it was opened in 1860s. Check other interesting facts about Central Park Zoo below:

Facts about Central Park Zoo 1: the modification and restoration

In 1934, Central Park Zoo was modified.  When you check the sea lion pool, you can see a quadrangle. It also had new buildings constructed for great modification.

Facts about Central Park Zoo 2: the name of the zoo

In 1934s, people recognized Central Park Zoo as Robert Moses Zoo or 1934 Zoo.

Central Park Zoo Facts

Central Park Zoo Facts

Facts about Central Park Zoo 3: another modification

Another modification on the Central Park Zoo was conducted in 1980s.  The animals in the zoo got the cages with naturalistic environment. Prior to 1980s, the animals lived inside the old fashioned cages.

Facts about Central Park Zoo 4: the major exhibit areas

There are three major exhibit areas in Central Park Zoo. Those are the polar, temperate and tropic. All of them are connected to the vine clad, trellised and glass roof pergola. The exhibit areas are decorated with vines and granite.

Facts about Central Park Zoo

Facts about Central Park Zoo

Facts about Central Park Zoo 5: the famous organisms in Central Park Zoo

There are various organisms that you can spot in Central Park Zoo. You can see the leafcutter ant colony, indoor rainforest, penguin house. Find facts about Busch Gardens here.

Facts about Central Park Zoo 6: the breeding program

Central Park Zoo also conducts the breeding program for the endangered species such as the red pandas, thick billed parrots and tamarin monkeys.

Central Park Zoo

Central Park Zoo

Facts about Central Park Zoo 7: the snow leopard exhibit

The snow leopard exhibit is one of the interesting features in central park zoo. It was opened for public in 2009. When you are in the zoo, you can also spot the large free flight area for birds and fruit bats in the rainforest. Get facts about Central Park here.

Facts about Central Park Zoo 8: the attraction in children’s zoo

If you are in the children’s zoo, you can spot a medieval castle feature, a Noah’s Ark feature, a fiberglass whale statue and a petting area.

Central Park Zoo Picture

Central Park Zoo Picture

Facts about Central Park Zoo 9: Gus

Gus was the notable male polar bear in the zoo. He died in 2013 due to the inoperable tumor.

Facts about Central Park Zoo 10: in popular culture

Central Park Zoo has been featured in various popular cultures. It was described in The Catcher in the Rye (1951) and Mr. Popper’s Penguins (1938).

Central Park Zoo Image

Central Park Zoo Image

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