10 Facts about Creswell Crags

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Check the interesting information about a limestone gorge on Facts about Creswell Crags. The location of this fabulous gorge is between Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. The history of the occupations in the caves located in Creswell Crags could be traced back 43,000 to 10,000 years ago. You can find the amazing cave art located around the caves. Here are other facts about Creswell Crags:

Facts about Creswell Crags 1: the occupations

As I have stated before, the caves in Creswell Crags were occupied in the past.  The experts prove the occupation from the flint tools created in Maglemosian, Creswellian, proto-Solutrean and Mousterian cultures.

Facts about Creswell Crags 2: the seasonal occupations

During the Upper Paleolithic and Mesolithic periods, the nomadic people lived inside the caves seasonally.

Creswell Crags Facts

Creswell Crags Facts

Facts about Creswell Crags 3: the activities

The activities in Creswell Crags could be traced back during the Bronze Age, Neolithic, post medieval and Roman era.

Facts about Creswell Crags 4: Gravettian occupation

The Gravettian occupation was spotted 32,000 years ago. However, these people only occupied the area briefly. Around 50,000 to 60,000 years ago, the Neanderthal occupation was spotted here.

Creswell Crags Images

Creswell Crags Images

Facts about Creswell Crags 5: the public visiting

You can find a visitor center if you are in Creswell Crags.  The people are allowed to visit the caves. There is a small museum in Creswell Crags. It displays various items related to the caves.

Facts about Creswell Crags 6: the SSSI

SSSI stands for Site of Special Scientific Interest. Creswell Crags earns this status because it has various unique objects.

Creswell Crags Pic

Creswell Crags Pic

Facts about Creswell Crags 7: the documentaries

There are several documentaries created about Creswell Crags. Seven Natural Wonders was a TV program aired by BBC Two in 2005. Unearthing Mysteries and Nature was aired in BBC Radio 4. Find facts about Copper Canyon here.

Facts about Creswell Crags 8: Mother Grundy’s Parlour

One of the most occupied caves in Creswell Crags is Mother Grundy’s Parlour. The occupation was traced back in Mesolithic era. There were various split bones and flint tools discovered here.

Creswell Crags

Creswell Crags

Facts about Creswell Crags 9: other occupied caves

The other occupied caves were Church Hole Cave, Church Hole, Pin Hole, and Robin Hood’s Cave.

Facts about Creswell Crags 10: the engraved bone

Since 1876, people have discovered various bone items and engraved bone. The caves also feature the cave art. Find facts about Covent Garden here.

Facts about Creswell Crags

Facts about Creswell Crags

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