10 Facts about Charles Martel

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Facts about Charles Martel present the interesting information about the Frankish military leader and statesman. He was born circa 688 or 686 or 680. He died on October 22nd, 741. In 718 until his death in 741, he as the de factor ruler of Francia. Martel was the Mayor of the Palace as well as Duke and Prince of the Franks. Check other facts about Martel by reading the following post below:

Facts about Charles Martel 1: parents

His mother was Alpaida. She was a noblewoman. His father was Pepin of Herstal. He was the Frankish statesman.

Facts about Charles Martel 2: the power

Charles could earn the power left by his father even though he had to struggle in the Frankish politics.  His father created a centralized government that Charles restored when he became a ruler.

Charles Martel Pic

Charles Martel Pic

Facts about Charles Martel 3: military campaigns

During his reigns, Martel had various military campaigns. The unity in Gaul was established by Martl. Then he turned the attention to deal wealth the Islamic development in the Western Europe. It was one of the foreign conflicts which took much of his attention.

Facts about Charles Martel 4: the Islamic advances

The Islamic advances were seen when in 711, Spain was conquered.  In 721 until 725, there were many areas in Visigoths captured by Arab and Berber Islamic forces.

Charles Martel Image

Charles Martel Image

Facts about Charles Martel 5: the fight between Charles and Umayyad Caliphate army

There was a fight between Frankish and Burgundian forces of Martel with the Umayyad Caliphate’s army. The leader was Al Ghafiqi. Both forces met in the area located in the middle of Poitiers and Tours. Now it is considered as the present day north-central France.  He won the Battle of Tours.

Facts about Charles Martel 6: the offensive actions

Rather than taking the defensive actions, Martel took the offensive actions. His army attacked various fortresses such as Maguelonne, Béziers and Agde. Finally the Frankish had the power over Frisia, Alemannia and Bavaria.

Facts about Charles Martel

Facts about Charles Martel

Facts about Charles Martel 7: a founding figure

Due to his great contribution, Martel is always called as the founding father of European middle ages. He was famous as ruler, warrior and administrator.

Facts about Charles Martel 8: the Franks and the Papacy

Charles tried to make the Papacy and the Franks reconcile. Therefore, he was called as a great patron of Saint Boniface. Get facts about Catherine the Great here.

Charles Martel

Charles Martel

Facts about Charles Martel 9: an active family

Based on the history, the family of Charles Martel was considered as an active family. His first wife was Rotrude of Treves. They had several children such as Hiltrud, Carloman, Landrade, Auda, and Pepin the Short. Get facts about Charles II here.

Facts about Charles Martel 10: Ruodhaid

Ruodhaid is the mistress of Martel. The couple had three kids. Those were Bernard, Hieronymus, and Remigius.

Charles Martel Facts

Charles Martel Facts

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