10 Facts about Chewing Gum

Monday, November 30th 2015. | Culinary

Find out one of the interesting foods in the world on Facts about Chewing Gum. Just like its name suggested, chewing gum is only chewed. It is not designed to be swallowed. It has soft texture. The present day chewing gum is made of butadiene based synthetic rubber. The practice of using chewing gum was dated back around 3,000 years. Get other facts about chewing gum in the following post:

Facts about Chewing Gum 1: the benefits of chewing gum

There are several benefits that people can get when they take chewing gums.  The improvement can be seen on the perceptual speed of processing, episodic memory and working memory.

Facts about Chewing Gum 2: the cognitive improvement

The cognitive improvement that the people experience when they chew the gum can only last for around 15 to 20 minutes. Then the cognitive performance will decrease again.

Chewing Gum facts

Chewing Gum facts

Facts about Chewing Gum 3: the detail health

There is evidence that chewing gum can decrease the risk of having plaque and cavities on the teeth. You have to pick the sugar free chewing gum. It can be mixed with xylitol.

Facts about Chewing Gum 4: the difference between xylitol and sorbitol

If you want to have a great dental benefit, it is better for you to choose the chewing gum with xylitol rather than sorbitol. The latter one is only one-third as effective as the former one.

Chewing Gum Colors

Chewing Gum Colors

Facts about Chewing Gum 5: the great benefit of xylitol

Xylitol has a lot of benefits. It can increase the production of saliva and make teeth healthier. Therefore, it is considered as the safer sweetener.

Facts about Chewing Gum 6: the active ingredients of chewing gums

Besides xylitol, there are other active ingredients of chewing gums. It contains p-chlorbenzyl-4-methylbenzylpiperazine. It helps the people to avoid travel sickness.

Chewing Gum Pic

Chewing Gum Pic

Facts about Chewing Gum 7: fluoride

Fluoride is also included as the ingredient in chewing gum. It is useful to increase the strength of tooth enamel. Find facts about candy here.

Facts about Chewing Gum 8: chewing gum and halitosis

Halitosis is bad breath. The people who have bad breath should take chewing gum. It can increase freshness of bad breath.

Chewing Gum

Chewing Gum

Facts about Chewing Gum 9: chewing gum after a meal

If you do not have much time for flossing or brushing, you can chew gum for it can prevent bad breath and tooth decay. Get facts about cherries here.

Facts about Chewing Gum 10: GERD

It is stated that GERD can be treated by taking chewing gum. The rate of swallowing can increase because the production of bicarbonate-containing saliva is stimulated in the stomach.

Facts about Chewing Gum

Facts about Chewing Gum

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