10 Facts about Chinese Kites

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If you want to know one of the famous inventions in China, you need to check Facts about Chinese Kites. The history of Chinese kites can be traced back around 2,000 years ago. If you are in Washington D.C. United States, don’t forget to go to the National Air &Space Museum. The hall of this building contains a hanging Chinese kite. Let’s find out other interesting facts about Chinese kite below:

Facts about Chinese Kites 1: the birthplace of kite

China is considered as the birthplace of kite. If you want to get the traditional Chinese kites, there are several areas that you can visit. Those include Nantong, Weifang, Tianjin, Beijing, and Yangjiang. All of them are famous for producing the traditional Chinese kite.

Facts about Chinese Kites 2: the kite capital

Do you know the kite capital of China? It is located in Weifang, China.

Chinese Kite Facts

Chinese Kite Facts

Facts about Chinese Kites 3: Mo Di

Mo Di is an important man during the invention and development of Chinese kite. The earliest kite in the country was a wooden bird by Mo Di. The invention was made in the Eastern Zhou Dynasty.  Mo Di had to do three years of research before he made the right kite.

Facts about Chinese Kites 4: the paper kite

Then the kite was made of paper during the Eastern Han dynasty. The invention was made soon after paper was invented by Cai Lun. The name of the kite was paper bird. The kite was styled with bamboo flutes. Check facts about Chinese dragons here.

Unique Chinese Kites

Unique Chinese Kites

Facts about Chinese Kites 5: the name

The name of the kite was changed into fengzheng or kite in English. It produced sounds when it flew on the sky.

Facts about Chinese Kites 6: the word fengzheng

The word fengzheng was taken from the word feng and zheng. The word zheng means the traditional national musical instrument, while feng means wind. Get facts about Chinese art here.

Facts about Chinese Kites

Facts about Chinese Kites

Facts about Chinese Kites 7: the usage of kite

Kite was not used for pleasure activity.  The military used the kite to create signals. It could be used to get the wind direction and measure distance.

Facts about Chinese Kites 8: Han Xin

Han Xin was the famous general during Han Dynasty. To get the measurement of tunnel located under Weiyang Palace, he used kites.

Chinese Kites

Chinese Kites

Facts about Chinese Kites 9: the entertainment usage

Kite was popular as a source of entertainment during the Tang Dynasty in 618 until 907.

Facts about Chinese Kites 10: kites during song dynasty

During Song dynasty, people would fly the kites on Festival of Pure Brightness.

Chinese Kite

Chinese Kite

Are you impressed reading facts about Chinese kites?

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