10 Facts about Christopher Marley

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One of the notable artists is explained on Facts about Christopher Marley. If you look at his art, you will be impressed for he uses bugs as the main material and decoration. Marley stated that he used to be afraid with bugs. Now you can see him working with a lot of bugs to create wonderful art. If you are interested to know more about the art of Marley, check the detail post below:

Facts about Christopher Marley 1: the art works of Markey

The artwork of Marley is very impressive. You can have them in various shapes and colors. He often replicates the beauty of striking and vibrant pattern. His artwork reminds you with amazing jewels.

Facts about Christopher Marley 2: the book of Marley

If you are interested to learn the beautiful artwork of Marley, you can check his book with the title Pheromone: The Insect Artwork of Christopher Marley. If you check the pages one by one, you will know how Marley turn the scary and disgusting bugs into beautiful and impressive artworks.

Christopher Marley Art

Christopher Marley Art

Facts about Christopher Marley 3: an interview with CBS

Marley was interviewed on CBS to talk about his artist passion. He talks about the insects which have beautiful patterns, shapes and colors. To get the specimens for his artwork, he has to buy them from the insect collectors all over the world. The specimens are collected by the people from the remote regions or even deep rainforest.

Facts about Christopher Marley 4: the price of Marley’s artwork

The artwork of Marley is sold in various levels of price. You can buy the framed bugs with the price thousands of dollars. Or you can choose the cheaper one sold at hundreds of dollar.

Christopher Marley Work

Christopher Marley Work

Facts about Christopher Marley 5: the negative into positive work

At first, Marley saw the bugs or insects as negative aspect in their life. But now he sees them as a positive object due to the impressive display that he can make from the insects.

Facts about Christopher Marley 6: the amazing art

The insets or bugs are often associated with scary things. In the hand of Marley, he is able to present the bugs in artistic look. Therefore, he can make the clean, architectural, structural, beautiful framed bugs.

Christopher Marley

Christopher Marley

Facts about Christopher Marley 7: a phobia

Marley developed a phobia of insects or bugs since his childhood. It was very interesting to know that he is not a collector of various insects.

Facts about Christopher Marley 8: the beauty of insects

The beauty of insects is presented from the unique colors and patterns. Marley uses them as the raw materials. Find facts about Christopher Bruce here.

Christopher Marley Facts

Christopher Marley Facts

Facts about Christopher Marley 9: the strange looking insects

To make sure that he has unique art, he pays the people to find the strange looking insects.

Facts about Christopher Marley 10: a unique artist

Marley is a unique artist because not all artists want to work with insects. Get facts about Chuck Close here.

Facts about Christopher Marley

Facts about Christopher Marley

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