10 Facts about Clive of India

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Facts about Clive of India present the interesting information about the first Baron Clive. He was born on September 29th, 1725 and died on November 22nd, 1774. He was the Major General Robert Clive. In Bengal, he established the military and political supremacy of East India Company. He served as the British officer and soldier of fortune. He became a Commander in Chief of British India. Get other interesting facts about Clive of India below:

Facts about Clive of India 1: the importance of Clive of India

Clive of India was considered as an important figure. He secured India and its wealth to British. The creation of British India was also a part of Clive’s interest and contribution.

Facts about Clive of India 2: Member of Parliament

In Great Britain, Clive took the seat as a Tory Member of Parliament for he represented two boroughs.

Clive of India facts

Clive of India facts

Facts about Clive of India 3: the criticism

Clive of India was criticized because of the forced cultivation of crops in India. This action led into the famine in the country. Opium was one of the forced crops to be cultivated by the Indian people. Moreover, he also applied the high taxation.

Facts about Clive of India 4: the place of birth

Clive of India was born on 29 September 1975 at Styche near Market Drayton in Shropshire.

Clive of India History

Clive of India History

Facts about Clive of India 5: the family of Clive

His mother was Rebecca Gaskell Clive, while his father was Richard Clive. The family of Clive had been associated with public service for a very long time. His father served in the parliament for many years even though he worked as a lawyer.

Facts about Clive of India 6: the siblings of Clive

There were 13 children in the family. Robert was the first child. Six of the children in the family died during the infancy.

Clive of India Pic

Clive of India Pic

Facts about Clive of India 7: a fearless person

Clive of India was a fearless person since he was a child. He frightened the people when he climbed at St Mary’s Parish Church’s tower. Get facts about Cecil Rhodes here.

Facts about Clive of India 8: the early work

He worked as a company agent or a factor in East Indian Company in 1744. He learned to speak Portuguese when he was in coast of Brazil. It was one of the common languages used in south India.

Facts about Clive of India

Facts about Clive of India

Facts about Clive of India 9: the arrival to India

In June 1744, Clive reached Fort St. George. He only worked here as an assistant shopkeeper. Get facts about Charles Martel here.

Facts about Clive of India 10: the return to India

He returned to India in July 1755. At this time, he served for Fort St David at Cuddalore as a deputy governor.

Clive of India Painting

Clive of India Painting

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