10 Facts about Cold Places

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Here are some interesting Facts about Cold Places. There are various cold places on earth. Can you mention some of them?  One of them is Vostok, Antarctica. It is a cold desert which only has less than 10 inches of snowfall per year. The lowest temperature in Vostok was -128.56 degree F. Check other facts about cold places in the below post:

Facts about Cold Places 1: the Plateau Station

During our summer season, the Plateau Station located in Antarctica had the winter season. The coldest temperature was -119.2 degree F.

Facts about Cold Places 2: Verkhoyansk, Siberia

Another cold place is located in Verkhoyansk. The coldest temperature in the region was -93.64 degree F. This region is famous with its reindeer farms and fur trading.

Cold Place Pic

Cold Place Pic

Facts about Cold Places 3: Oymyakon, Siberia

The coldest temperature ever recorded in Oymyakon, Siberia was -96.16 degree F. Even though the region is super cold, and it is a home to 200,000 residents.

Facts about Cold Places 4: North Ice in Greenland

In the past the British Research Station was located in North Ice in Greenland. The coldest temperature ever recorded here was 86.8 degree F.

Cold Place Facts

Cold Place Facts

Facts about Cold Places 5: Snag in Canada Yukon

If you are in Canada Yukon, don’t forget to reach Snag. During the summer season, you can access the town by road. When the winter comes, the people have to use snow mobiles. Check facts about climate here.

Facts about Cold Places 6: Prospect Creek

Prospect Creek is a small town located 25 miles north of Fairbanks. It only had a very short summer season. The lowest temperature in the town was -80 degree F.

Facts about Cold Places

Facts about Cold Places

Facts about Cold Places 7: Eismitte

Eismitte is located in Greenland. The word is taken from German. It means ice center.

Facts about Cold Places 8: Rogers Pass in Wyoming

The coldest temperature recorded in US outside Alaska is located in Roger Pass in Wyoming. The coldest temperature recoded in the area was -70 degree F. Get facts about coastlines here.

Cold Places

Cold Places

Facts about Cold Places 9: Fort Selkirk

In the past, Fort Selkirk was a trading post. The lowest temperature in the area was -74 degree F. The people who want to reach Fort Selkirk had to use boat or plane.

Facts about Cold Places 10: the extended daylight

There are some cold places in the world which have extended daylight even though the temperature is very cold.

Cold Place

Cold Place

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