10 Facts about Color Blindness

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Facts about Color Blindness talk about the deficiency of color vision. Under the normal lighting condition, the people with color blindness have the decreased ability or inability to perceive color differences or see the colors. This condition can occur because of the chemical damage or even physical damage on the parts of brain, optic nerve or even eyes. Check other interesting facts about color blindness below:

Facts about Color Blindness 1: mild disability

Color blindness is not considered as a severe disability. It is included as a mild disability.

Facts about Color Blindness 2: the advantages

Some people believe that having color blindness is a disadvantage. But in some cases, it can give advantage to the person. They have more ability to differentiate the color camouflage. It is due to the high pervasiveness of red and green color. Moreover, the studies state that the people with color blindness can differentiate the colors that cannot be differentiated by the people with normal color vision.

Facts about Color BlindnessFacts about Color Blindness

Facts about Color Blindness

Facts about Color Blindness 3: inherited disability

The mutations on the X chromosome can cause the inheritance of color blindness. The protanopia and deuteranopia are the two common forms of inherited color blindness. Get facts about childbirth here.

Facts about Color Blindness 4: the red-green deficiency

Let’s talk about the percentage of red-green deficiency in male and female. The female with Northern European ancestry accounts 0.5 percent, while the male is 8 percent.

Color Blindness

Color Blindness

Facts about Color Blindness 5: the inherited diseases

The color blindness is caused by some inherited diseases such as achromatopsia, retinitis pigmentosa, Leber’s congenital amaurosis, cone dystrophy, and cone-rod dystrophy.

Facts about Color Blindness 6: the presence of color blindness

The presence of color blindness can be seen at birth. But it can be seen during the adulthood or even childhood. Get facts about chromosome here.

Color Blindness Pic

Color Blindness Pic

Facts about Color Blindness 7: the retinal or brain damage

The shaken baby syndrome, trauma and accidents can cause damages on the retina and brain.  This condition can cause color blindness.

Facts about Color Blindness 8: the ultraviolet exposure

The high intensity of ultraviolet exposure can cause damages on the retina. It can lead into color blindness.

Color Blindness Image

Color Blindness Image

Facts about Color Blindness 9: other causes

Diabetes and age related macular degeneration can cause color blindness. The deficiency of Vitamin A is also another factor which can cause color blindness.

Facts about Color Blindness 10: the male population

Around 2 percent of males experience the severe problem to differentiate yellow, orange, red and green.

Color Blindness Facts

Color Blindness Facts

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