10 Facts about Columbus Ohio

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Facts about Columbus Ohio inform you with the largest city located in Ohio, United States. It also serves as the capital of the state. In United States, Columbus is considered as the 15th largest state. Based on the report in 2014, the city was inhabited by 835,957 people. You can find more interesting facts about Columbus Ohio below:

Facts about Columbus Ohio 1: the name of the city

Columbus in Ohio was established in 1812. The name of the city is taken from the name of the famous explorer Christopher Columbus.

Facts about Columbus Ohio 2: the economy

The economy of Columbus is supported from various aspects. Those include retail, medical research, education, fashion, banking, defense, insurance, logistics, energy, steel, technology, food, clothes and aviation.

Columbus Ohio Facts

Columbus Ohio Facts

Facts about Columbus Ohio 3: the private research

The largest private research and development foundation in the world is based in Columbus. It is the Battelle Memorial Institute.

Facts about Columbus Ohio 4: other records

Let’s find out other records owned by Columbus, Ohio. It is also the home of the largest fractional ownership jet aircraft fleet, NetJets. The largest clearinghouse of chemical information in the world is located in the city too. It is the Chemical Abstracts Service.

Columbus Skyline

Columbus Skyline

Facts about Columbus Ohio 5: the university

One of the largest universities with great admission levels in United States is Ohio State University.

Facts about Columbus Ohio 6: the corporation headquarters

There are five headquartered corporations located in Columbus as of 2013. Those include Cardinal Health, Big Lots, L Brands, American Electric Power, and Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company.

Facts about Columbus Ohio

Facts about Columbus Ohio

Facts about Columbus Ohio 7: the fast food companies

White Castle and Wendy’s also have their headquarters located in Columbus, Ohio. Check facts about Cleveland Ohio here.

Facts about Columbus Ohio 8: the beauty

If you are interested to study more about the beauty and ecological diversity in Ohio, Columbus, it is recommended for you to visit the Big Darby Creek.

Columbus Ohio Pictures

Columbus Ohio Pictures

Facts about Columbus Ohio 9: Clintonville

You can visit Whetstone Park in Clintonville. You can spot the beauty of rose garden in Park of Roses. It has the area of 5.3 ha or 13 acres. Other collections of plants can be spotted on the Chadwick Arboretum. Get facts about Colorado Springs here.

Facts about Columbus Ohio 10: Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

If you are interested to know various collections of animals like polar bears, kangaroos, cheetahs, Siberian tigers, manatees, and lowland gorillas, you can visit Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

Columbus Ohio Pic

Columbus Ohio Pic

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