10 Facts about County Down

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Facts about County Down tell you about a county located in Northern Ireland. The name of the county is taken from the name Downpatrick. It is the county town. The location of County Down is on the northeast of Ireland. The area of County Down is 945 square miles or 2,448 km square. There are around 531,665 people who live here. Check other interesting facts about County Down below:

Facts about County down 1: the province

County Down is included in the Ulster Province. Actually Ireland has 32 traditional counties and County Down is one of them.

Facts about County down 2: the borders

Let’s find out the borders of County Down. To the southwest side of the county, you can spot  County Louth across Carlingford Lough. To the west side, it is bordered by County Armagh. The Irish Sea can be seen at the south and east. To the north, you can view County Antrim.

County Down Facts

County Down Facts

Facts about County down 3: the towns in County Down

There are several largest towns in County Down. Bangor is considered as the largest one.   Belfast, Lisburn, and Newry are the other largest towns in the county.

Facts about County Down 4: Protestant background

Based on the census conducted in 2001, it was reported that most people who lived in County Down had Protestant background. Catholicism dominated the south Down.

County Down Pic

County Down Pic

Facts about County down 5: the peninsulas

Ards Peninsula and Lecale peninsula are considered as the most prominent peninsulas located in County Down. The coastline for County Down is very long. It spans from Belfast Lough to Carlingford Lough.

Facts about County down 6: the rivers in County Down

There are several rivers in County Down. Those include River Quoile, Clanrye, Bann and Lagan. The latter one shares border with County Antrim.

County Down

County Down

Facts about County Down 7: Brontë Homeland

If you visit County Down, don’t forget to check Brontë Homeland. It is considered as the birthplace of Patrick Bronte. He was the father of the famous Emily, Anne, Charlotte and Branwell Bronte.

Facts about County Down 8: the Northern Ireland Aquarium

Do you know that the Northern Ireland Aquarium is located in County Down? It is called Exploris.  You have to reach Portaferry to visit the aquarium. Find facts about Chingford here.

County Down Pictures

County Down Pictures

Facts about County down 9: the first Protestant church in Ireland

It is believed that the first Protestant church in Ireland is built in County Down. You can reach St Patrick’s in the city of Newry. It was built in 1578. Get facts about Cornwall here.

Facts about County down 10: the other places of interest

The other places of interest that you can visit in County Down are Old Inn in Crawfordsburn, County Down Railway and Scrabo Tower.

Facts about County Down

Facts about County Down

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