10 Facts about Crispus Attucks

Friday, April 29th 2016. | History

Facts about Crispus Attucks may guide you to know this man better. It’s true that you can learn many things about a man through his biography. The facts here are provided for fun purposes. Enjoy!

Facts about Crispus Attucks 1: The Childhood

His father’s name was Prince Yonger. His mother was Nancy Attucks. He was born into a hard life and slavery. He was also sold to William Brown and grew up in Colonel Buckminster house.

Facts about Crispus Attucks 2: The Escape

He managed to escape from his master. In order to survive, he decided to become a whaler and rope maker.

Crispus Attucks Facts

Crispus Attucks Facts

Facts about Crispus Attucks 3: The Race

Crispus Attucks was actually a mixed race. His came from African descent and Wampanoag parents.

Facts about Crispus Attucks 4: The Journey

He once spent his life in Boston. Later, he had returned from the Bahamas recently. He was scheduled to conduct another long journey to North Carolina.

Crispus Attucks

Crispus Attucks

Facts about Crispus Attucks 5: The Townshend Acts

Crispus decided to join the mob in order to fight the Townshend Acts. He was shot in the chest by the British soldiers. He became the first African-American who involved in the Revolutionary War. Not to mention he inspired many people. Others would follow.

Facts about Crispus Attucks 6: The Popularity

He was a popular figure back then, especially during the civil war. His name rose over time. Not to mention Martin Luther King Jr. mentioned him in his speech. The abolitionists considered his death as the racial equality symbol.

Crispus Attucks Pictures

Crispus Attucks Pictures

Facts about Crispus Attucks 7: The Burial

He wasn’t the only person who was killed during the protest. There were other 5 others. They were buried in the same location, Granary Burying Grounds. This is the place where other famous men were buried such as John Hancock, Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, etc. Find facts about Boston here.

Facts about Crispus Attucks 8:The Free Soul

Crispus Attucks was recognized as a free black man. His life was tough back then. He indeed opposed slavery.

Crispus Attucks Image

Crispus Attucks Image

Facts about Crispus Attucks 9: The Influence

He becomes one of the most significant people in African-American history. Thanks to his sacrifice. African-American heritage becomes the part of the United States. Find facts about Boston Massacre here.

Facts about Crispus Attucks 10: The Occupations

His occupation became intimidated by the British presence. He felt uncomfortable with the presence of the British navy. He was also a laborer. However, he felt intimidated by the British troops.

Facts about Crispus Attucks

Facts about Crispus Attucks

It’s a good thing to learn facts about Crispus Attucks, isn’t it?

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