10 Facts about Daniel Boone

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Those who want to know more about the American explorer, pioneer, and frontiersman look at Facts about Daniel Boone. He was born on 2nd November 1734 and died on 26th September 1820. In United States, Boone is considered as one of the notable folk heroes. The region deeply explored by Boone is the present day Kentucky. In the past, it was considered as a portion of Virginia. Check the following post below for more information about Boone:

Facts about Daniel Boone 1: how to earn money

There were several activities conducted by Boone to earn more money. He hunted and trapped game. Then he went to the fur market to sell the pelts of the game when he was young.

Facts about Daniel Boone 2: the resistance

Boone had to face the resistance from some Indian tribes when he did his occasional interest for exploration. He reached Kentucky after he passed Cumberland Gap in the Appalachian Mountains.



Facts about Daniel Boone 3: the settlement

One of the first settlements in America located at the west part of the Appalachians was established by Boone. He had this settlement by forming Boonesborough village in Kentucky. Look at facts about Cornelius Vanderbilt here.

Facts about Daniel Boone 4: the route

Boone established an easy route to reach Kentucky. There is no need to wonder that over 20,000 Americans decided to move to Kentucky/Virginia by the end of 18th century. They reached the settlement by tracking Boone’s route marks.

Daniel Boone Facts

Daniel Boone Facts

Facts about Daniel Boone 5: Revolutionary War

The Revolutionary War in America took place in 1775 until 1783. Boone served as a militia officer at that time.

Facts about Daniel Boone 6: the battle

During the war, the battles were between the British and American settlers in Kentucky. The Indian people helped the British.

Daniel Boone Pic

Daniel Boone Pic

Facts about Daniel Boone 7: being captured

In 1778, the Shawnee warriors arrested Boone during the war. However, he was able to escape. He warned the people for the attack of the Shawnees.

Facts about Daniel Boone 8: the Siege of Boonesborough

During the Siege of Boonesborough, Boone and the American settlers defeated the Shawnee warriors even though they were outnumbered. Get facts about Charles Sturt here.

Daniel Boone

Daniel Boone

Facts about Daniel Boone 9: after the war

Boone became a merchant and surveyor after the revolutionary war ended. Due to his failure on the Kentucky land speculation, he ended up in debt.

Facts about Daniel Boone 10: legal problems

His land claims made him ended up in extensive legal problem. Therefore, he decided to relocate to eastern Missouri to forget the problem. In the last two decades of his life, Boone lived here.

Facts about Daniel Boone

Facts about Daniel Boone

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