10 Facts about Denver Colorado

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If you want to know the capital of Colorado, check Facts about Denver Colorado. The nickname of Denver is the Mile-High City. The name is received due to the one mile official elevation. That’s why the city is included in the list of one of the highest cities in the nation. Denver Union Station is passed by the longitudinal reference of Mountain Time Zone.  It takes the record as the 19th most populous city in United States. The city is a home to 682,545 residents in 2015.

Facts about Denver Colorado 1: a great place to live

If you want to enjoy a wonderful life, it will be great to live in Denver. U.S. News & World Report gave the city the status as the best place to live in USA in 2016.

Facts about Denver Colorado 2: the location of Denver

The location of Denver is between the High Plains to the east and Rocky Mountains to the west. It is at the center of Front Range Urban Corridor.

Denver Colorado Image

Denver Colorado Image

Facts about Denver Colorado 3: the landscape of Denver

If you reach the south, west and north of Denver, you can spot hilly regions. The plains can be found in the city center of Denver.

Facts about Denver Colorado 4: the total area

The total area of Denver reaches 401 km square or 155 square miles. The water is 1.1 percent of the total area.

Denver Colorado Facts

Denver Colorado Facts

Facts about Denver Colorado 5: the other counties

There are three counties which share the border with Denver. You can spot Jefferson County to the west, Arapahoe County to the south and Adams County to the north and east.

Facts about Denver Colorado 6: the climate of Denver

Denver had four different seasons. Based on Koppen climate classification, it has continental climate zone. Check facts about Dehradun here.

Denver Colorado Pic

Denver Colorado Pic

Facts about Denver Colorado 7: the warmest month

The warmest month in Denver is in July. During the summer season, people can feel the mild to hot temperature.

Facts about Denver Colorado 8: the coldest month

The coldest month in Denver is in December. It has the temperature of -1.2 degrees Celsius.

Facts about Denver Colorado

Facts about Denver Colorado

Facts about Denver Colorado 9: an outdoor oriented city

The people who come to Denver can do various kinds of outdoor oriented activities. When the summer season comes, you can do camping and kayaking. During the winter season, you can do climbing, hiking and skiing.

Facts about Denver Colorado 10: breweries

Denver is notable with its breweries. Coors and New Belgium Brewing Company are some large breweries in the city which provide tours for the visitors. Find facts about Delhi India here.

Denver Colorado Pictures

Denver Colorado Pictures

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