10 Facts about Desi Arnaz

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Let me show you the interesting information about a Cuban born American actor, TV producer, musician, director and writer on Facts about Desi Arnaz. He was born on 2nd March 1917 and died on 2nd December 1986. His full name was Desiderio Alberto Arnaz y de Acha III. People recognize him more as Desi Arnaz, Sr. or Desi Arnaz. I Love Lucy was the famous sitcom starred by Arnaz. His role was as Ricky Ricardo.  He acted with his wife, Lucille Ball. Check other interesting facts about Desi Arnaz.

Facts about Desi Arnaz 1: Desi Arnaz Orchestra

Arnaz also had a Latin music band. It was called the Desi Arnaz Orchestra. The credit for the inventors of rerun in TV series is for Arnaz and Ball. Both were always connected with I Love Lucy series.

Facts about Desi Arnaz 2: the place of birth and parents

His father was Desiderio Alberto Arnaz II, while his mother was Dolores de Acha. The birthplace of Arnaz was located in Santiago de Cuba.

Desi Arnaz facts

Desi Arnaz facts

Facts about Desi Arnaz 3: the father of Arnaz

Arnaz had a notable position in Santiago. He received the title was the youngest mayor in Santiago. Moreover, he was also member in the House of Representatives in Cuba. Alberto de Acha who was an executive at Bacardi Rum was the maternal grandfather of Arnaz.

Facts about Desi Arnaz 4: A Book

A  Book was an autobiography of Arnaz released in 1976. Based on this book, the readers realized that the family of Arnaz had a vacation mansion, a palatial home and three ranches on a private island in Santiago Bay, Cuba. Find facts about Delta Goodrem here.

facts about Desi Arnaz

facts about Desi Arnaz

Facts about Desi Arnaz 5: the property of his family

All of the property of his family was seized after the Cuban Revolution in 1933. Alberto Arnaz was imprisoned. President Gerardo Machado was overthrown by Fulgencio Batista as the leader of the revolution. Alberto de Acha, the brother in law of Alberto Arnaz intervened to help him out of jail. He was released after 6 months. 

Facts about Desi Arnaz 6: moving to United States

Then the family decided to relocate to United States and lived in Miami.

Desi Arnaz

Desi Arnaz

Facts about Desi Arnaz 7: education

Let’s find out the education of Arnaz. He went to St. Patrick Catholic High School. He wanted to increase his English by enrolling to Saint Leo Prep in summer 1934. Check facts about Darren Espanto here.

Facts about Desi Arnaz 8: the show business

Arnaz tried to find out a way to support his living. Therefore, he decided to start his career in the show business.

Desi Arnaz image

Desi Arnaz image

Facts about Desi Arnaz 9: the Broadway musical

He had a role in the Broadway musical Too Many Girls in 1939.

Facts about Desi Arnaz 10: marriage

On 30th November 1940, Arnaz and Lucille Ball married. Both earned a great success after appearing in I Love Lucy.

Desi Arnaz pic

Desi Arnaz pic

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