10 Facts about Dry Ice

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Get the information about the solid form of carbon dioxide on Facts about Dry Ice. The British chemist often called dry ice as cardice. The main usage of dry ice is for a cooling agent.  The primary benefit of dry ice is seen from its absent residue when cooling the ice water. Moreover, it provides the lower temperature than the water ice does. If the mechanical cooling is not available, the dry ice is considered as the good solution for preserving the frozen food. Let us check other useful facts about dry ice below:

Facts about Dry Ice 1: the sublimation temperature

The sublimation temperature of dry ice is measured at −109.3 degrees F or −78.5 degrees C.

Facts about Dry Ice 2: the frostbite or freezing

You have to be careful when handling the dry ice since it has an extreme cold. The frostbite or freezing may occur if you handle it without any protection.

Dry Ice Facts

Dry Ice Facts

Facts about Dry Ice 3: hypercapnia

The people may experience hypercapnia defined as the increased level of carbon dioxide in the blood because of the outgassing of dry ice. However, dry ice is not commonly toxic.

Facts about Dry Ice 4: the first observation of dry ice

Adrien-Jean-Pierre Thilorier was the French inventor who first observed the dry ice in 1835. Thilorier also published the first account, which explained dry ice.

Facts about Dry Ice Pic

Facts about Dry Ice Pic

Facts about Dry Ice 5: the experiment of Thilorier

Thilorier dealt with carbon dioxide experiments. The liquid carbon dioxide quickly evaporated after he opened the lid of the large cylinder, which contained the substance. The remains in the container were only solid dry ice.

Facts about Dry Ice 6: the commercial dry ice

The patent for selling dry ice for commercial purpose was applied by Thomas B. Slate in 1924. Then, dry ice became an important industry because of his idea. Look at facts about distillation here.

Dry Ice Cart

Dry Ice Cart

Facts about Dry Ice 7: the common name

The term Dry Ice was coined by the DryIce Corporation of America to call the solid form of carbon dioxide in 1925. The substance was sold by the company commercially. It was used for cooling purpose. Check facts about dissolving here.

Facts about Dry Ice 8: another term

Air Liquide UK Ltd was the company who trademarked the solid form of CO2 using the alternate name cardice or card ice.

Facts about Dry Ice

Facts about Dry Ice

Facts about Dry Ice 9: the standard forms

The cylindrical tiny pellets, cylindrical small pellets and large blocks are considered as the standard forms of dry ice.

Facts about Dry Ice 10: the usage of tiny dry ice pellets

When people want to have quick freezing, use the tiny dry ice pellets.

Dry Ice 3D

Dry Ice 3D

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