10 Facts about Edward Taylor

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Facts about Edward Taylor present the information about an American colonial physician, pastor and poet. His origin was from England. Taylor was born circa 1642 and died on 29th June 1729.  The poetry of Taylor is defined as Metaphysical and American Baroque works. People recognize him as one of the most celebrated authors in his era even though his works had not been published for 200 years. Why don’t you look at the following post for more details about Taylor?

Facts about Edward Taylor 1: the birth date

In 1642, Taylor was born at Sketchley, Leicestershire, England. His father was a non-conformist yeoman farmer.

Facts about Edward Taylor 2: the early life

It was hard to find out the exact events of his early life due to the conflicting locations and dates. People believe that he was raised during Commonwealth of England.

Edward Taylor Facts

Edward Taylor Facts

Facts about Edward Taylor 3: a Protestant dissenter

Taylor was known as a Protestant dissenter due to the influence of his father. Get facts about Edward Jenner here.

Facts about Edward Taylor 4: the family background

Taylor was from a middle-class family.  He had stable life during his early life. When he was a child, he enjoyed the family farm.

Edward Taylor Image

Edward Taylor Image

Facts about Edward Taylor 5: writings

The farmhouse childhood affected his writings.  It was reflected on the use of Leicestershire dialect as well as the imagery of his farm.

Facts about Edward Taylor 6: the death of his parents

In 1657, his mother passed away. In 1658, his father passed away. He had to live alone. There is no exact source related to his formal education.

Edward Taylor

Edward Taylor

Facts about Edward Taylor 7: a teaching position

Taylor earned a teaching position at Bagworth where he served as a schoolmaster. However, he had to give up the post due to his refusal to sign Act of Uniformity when the monarchy was restored.

Facts about Edward Taylor 8: migration

In 1668, he decided to migrate to America by reaching Massachusetts Bay Colony due to the loss of religious freedom in England. Get facts about Edward Lear here.

Facts about Edward Taylor

Facts about Edward Taylor

Facts about Edward Taylor 9: Diary

The Diary of Edward Taylor was published today. It contains the chronicles of his journey in the Atlantic crossing to reach America dated back from 26 April 1668 until 5th July 1671.

Facts about Edward Taylor 10: death

On 29th June 1729, Taylor died. He married twice. The first wife was Elizabeth Fitch. His second wife was Ruth Wyllys.

Edward Taylor Work

Edward Taylor Work

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