10 Facts about Edward VII

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Facts about Edward VII inform the readers with the King of United Kingdom. He was born Albert Edward on November 9th, 1841 and died on May 6th, 1910. He took the throne from January 22nd, 1901 until his death in 1910. People also recognize him as the Emperor of India and King for British Dominions. He shared relationship with other royal families in Europe. His father was Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, while his mother was the famous Queen Victoria. Let us check other interesting facts about Edward VII below:

Facts about Edward VII 1: Prince of Wales

Before he became the king of England, Edward VII was Prince of Wales. He was the heir apparent.

Facts about Edward VII 2: As elite

Edward VII was known as fashionable elite rather than as political elite due to the long reign of Queen Victoria, his mother.

Edward VII Pic

Edward VII Pic

Facts about Edward VII 3: the role

The role of Edward VII was as the representative of Britain for the foreign affairs. He was also involved in various ceremonial public duties. Check facts about Edward IV here.

Facts about Edward VII 4: the successful tours

Edward VII had successful tours when he went to Indian subcontinent in 1875 and North America in 1860.

Edward VII

Edward VII

Facts about Edward VII 5: the relationship

Edward VII and his mother, Queen Victoria developed sour relationship due to his image as a playboy prince.

Facts about Edward VII 6: as a king

When he became the king of England, Edward VII focused more on how to modernize the British Home Fleet. He also tried to reorganize the British Army. He was also known as a Peacemaker since he tried to recover the good relationship with France. However, he developed poor relationship with German Emperor Wilhelm II, his nephew.

Edward VII Marriage

Edward VII Marriage

Facts about Edward VII 7: Edwardian era

Edwardian era was used to signify the reign of Edward VII. It was marked by the vital changes on the society and technology. Socialism was popular at that time. In the field of technology, the steam turbine propulsion was developed. Get facts about Edward V here.

Facts about Edward VII 8: death

In 1910, Edward VII passed away. At that time, Britain was filled with constitutional crisis.

Edward VII Facts

Edward VII Facts

Facts about Edward VII 9: marriage

On 10 March 1863, he and Alexandra married at St George’s Chapel. His wife was 18, while he was 21 years old.

Facts about Edward VII 10: mistresses

It was believed that Edward VIII had some affairs during his marriage life. He was linked with various women.

Facts about Edward VII

Facts about Edward VII

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