10 Facts about Elizabeth Macarthur

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Read Facts about Elizabeth Macarthur to get more insights about the Anglo-Australian pastoralist. She was born on August 14th, 1766 and died on February 9th, 1850. The birthplace of Macarthur was located in Bridgerule, Devon, England. Her mother was Grace Veale, while her father was Richard. Both had the Cornish Origin. Her parents worked as provincial farmers to earn the living. Macarthur had to live without her father since the age of 4 due to his death. Macarthur was taken care by John, her grandfather and friends when she was 11 due to the second marriage of her mother. Check other facts about Elizabeth Macarthur below:

Facts about Elizabeth Macarthur 1: the personal life

In 1788, Elizabeth and John Macarthur married. Her husband was a Plymouth soldier. She came along with John and her newborn son Edward to live in a colony of New South Wales in the New South Wales corps. The family reached the New World with the Second Fleet to live in a new established colony in America.

Facts about Elizabeth Macarthur 2: the first soldier’s wife

The first wife of a soldier who came to New South Wales was Elizabeth.

elizabeth macarthur Facts

elizabeth macarthur Facts

Facts about Elizabeth Macarthur 3: the importance of her letters

Her letters provided important information for the people to know the life of the colonial life in Sydney.

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Facts about Elizabeth Macarthur 4: the role of Elizabeth

Elizabeth had an important role in the society. She was known as a amateur botanist and astronomer.

elizabeth macarthur image

elizabeth macarthur image

Facts about Elizabeth Macarthur 5: Elizabeth Farm

Elizabeth Farm was the name of John’s property located at Rosehill. In 1793, he was granted land there when he was positioned as Commandant at Parramatta. Then he was in charge for directing the public works.

Facts about Elizabeth Macarthur 6: the nature of her husband

In the future years, John had his controversial acts. However, it did change the respect of the public toward Elizabeth and her kids.

elizabeth macarthur

elizabeth macarthur

Facts about Elizabeth Macarthur 7: the works of Elizabeth

Elizabeth was interested to focus more on her family. She tried to manage the modest household for her kids and husband. She also concerned with the education for her kids.

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Facts about Elizabeth Macarthur 8: the death of Elizabeth

In 1850, Elizabeth passed away. Her husband developed melancholia and paranoid which made the couple estranged before his death.

facts about elizabeth macarthur

facts about elizabeth macarthur

Facts about Elizabeth Macarthur 9: religion

Elizabeth was a devoted Anglican. She followed the Church of England and its communion.

Facts about Elizabeth Macarthur 10: the family business

The family business of Elizabeth was flourished. She focused more on the application for wool production and the organizational feature. On the other hand, her husband focused more on promoting the Australian wool. The enterprise was successful. Elizabeth still worked to manage it after the death of her husband in 1834. She was in greater level of success with her enterprise.

Elizabeth Macarthur Pictures

Elizabeth Macarthur Pictures

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