8 Facts about Aron Ralston

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Let me show you Facts about Aron Ralston if you want to know the American engineer, outdoorsman, and motivational speaker from United States. He was born on 27 October 1975 in Marion Ohio. He was famous after he could survive from his canyonnering accident in Utah in 2003.  He was trapped for 5 days and seven hours or 127 hours in a dislodge boulder. To make him free, he used a dull pocketknife to cut his right forearm. Then he had to travel on a 20 meter or 65 feet of sheer cliff by rappelling down his body to make him safe. Here are some interesting facts about Ralston:

Facts about Aron Ralston 1: the documentation

His survival inspired him to create an autobiography with the title Between a Rock and Hard Place. You can also see the movie version in 127 Hours released in 2010. The main cast is James Franco.

Facts about Aron Ralston 2: the early life

When he was 12 years old, Ralston and his family moved to Denver. He pursued his education in Greenwood Village, Colorado at Cherry Creek High School.

Facts about Aron Ralston

Facts about Aron Ralston

Facts about Aron Ralston 3: the college degree

He went to Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburg for a college degree. Then he owned a mechanical engineering and French degrees. His minor was piano.

Facts about Aron Ralston 4: a mechanical engineering

He became a mechanical engineering in Intel in Phoenix, Arizona. But in 2002, he left the job and decided to relocate to Aspen, Colorado since he was very interested to climb mountains.

Ralston Facts

Ralston Facts

Facts about Aron Ralston 5: his goal

Ralston had a dream to climb the “fourteeners” of Colorado. The height of the peak is 14,000 feet. In 2005, he could pursue his goal. Find out another figure in facts about Arkwright.

Facts about Aron Ralston 6: with friends

In 2003, he was with his skiing partners, Chadwick Spencer and Mark Beverly. He was found in a Grade 5 avalanche on Resolution Peak, Colorado. Fortunately, everyone was not injured badly.

Ralston's Arm

Ralston’s Arm

Facts about Aron Ralston 7: marriage

Jessica Trusty is his wife. Both married in August 2009. In 2010, they were blessed with the first son, named Leo.

Facts about Aron Ralston 8: the accident

The accident occurred when he was hiking to the Blue John Canyon in Utah. His right hand trapped when he climbed down the canyon. He spent 127 hours and assumed that he would die since no one would search him. He told no one about his climbing plan. He tried to cut his arm but he thought that it was impossible since the bone was very hard. However, he could break his ulna and radius bone. Then he met Eric and Monique Meijer who helped him to inform the authorities.

127 Movie

127 Movie


Aron and Wife

Aron and Wife

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