10 Facts about Bedouin

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Facts about Bedouin tell you about the descendants of the group who had occupied the Syrian and Arabian deserts. They are considered as an Arab ethnocultural group. The name Bedouin means desert dwellers. It was taken from the Arabic word. This semi nomadic group lives on the North African deserts to the rocky sands in Middle East. Here are some interesting facts about Bedouin for you:

Facts about Bedouin 1: the culture

The Bedouin people are divided in several clans or tribes. But all of them have the similar culture.  They like to herd goats and camels.

Facts about Bedouin 2: the modern life

In the past, most Bedouins had nomadic life. In the modern day, some of them decide to leave the tribal and nomadic tradition. They like to settle in one place and blend with the society. However, they still preserve the traditional Bedouin culture which involve with the traditional dances, music and poetry.

Facts about Bedouin

Facts about Bedouin

Facts about Bedouin 3: the cultural festival

The Bedouins who live in urban area also organize the Bedouin festival to make the traditional long lasting. During the festival, they will show and share the traditional Bedouin culture. It may feature the traditional sword dance, poetry recitation, musical concert of Bedouin traditional music, and traditional tent knitting.

Facts about Bedouin 4: the popular leisure activities

Some of the popular leisure activities such as camping in the desert and camel riding are very popular among the people who live near the wilderness area and desert. Get facts about Arabian horses here.

Bedouin Camp

Bedouin Camp

Facts about Bedouin 5: the word Bedouin

The word Bedouin is taken from the Arabic word badawi. Bedouin is the called as the plural form of Badawi. It means wanderer or nomad. The word badawi is taken from the word badiyah which means desert or plain. Therefore, we state that Bedouin means those in the desert or those in badiyah.

Facts about Bedouin 6: the kinship basis

Bedouin has their kinship basis. The basis sets the rules of a hierarchy of loyalties in the society.

Bedouin and Camel

Bedouin and Camel

Facts about Bedouin 7: the individual family unit

A tent or gio is used to call the individual family unit. It consists of three or four adults. There will number of children living here.

Facts about Bedouin 8:goum

Goum is used to call some tents that travel and join together when the resources are abundant.

Bedouin Facts

Bedouin Facts

Facts about Bedouin 9: the original home

The original home of Bedouins was the Arabian Peninsula.  They had to leave the peninsula when the food and water were limited. Therefore, they spread around the desert. Get facts about Arabian desert here.

Facts about Bedouin 10: Muslim tradition

Before Muhammad passed away, he had converted most Bedouins to embrace Islam.



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