10 Facts about Buffalo Bill

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Facts about Buffalo Bill talk about the notable American showman, scout and bison hunter. He was born in Iowa territory on 26 February 1846 and died on 10 January 1917. His real name was William Frederick Cody. His family moved to Canada to live in the hometown of his father for several years. Therefore, Bill was briefly raised there. Then the family decided to move to Kansas territory. Check out more interesting facts about Buffalo Bill below:

Facts about Buffalo Bill 1: the early work

After the death of his father, Bill had to work. He was only 11 years old. When he was 14 years old, he was a rider for Pony Express.

Facts about Buffalo Bill 2: a military career

In 1863 until 1865, Bill took part in the American Civil War. He fought for the interest of Union Army.

Buffalo Bill Facts

Buffalo Bill Facts

Facts about Buffalo Bill 3: during the Indian Wars

Buffalo Bill also participated in the Indian wars as a civilian scout. In 1872, he was awarded with Medal of Honor.

Facts about Buffalo Bill 4: performance

Bill was recognized as a wonderful performer. He often picked up the scenes from the Indian wars and frontier. He also depicted the cowboy themes in his performance.

Buffalo Bill Image

Buffalo Bill Image

Facts about Buffalo Bill 5: Buffalo Bill’s Wild West

In 1883, he established Buffalo Bill’s Wild West. Bill and his company began to have a tour across United States. The tour to Europe and Great Britain began in 1887.

Facts about Buffalo Bill 6: parents of Bill

Let’s find out the parents of Buffalo Bill. His mother was Mary Ann Bonsell Laycock who was born in New Jersey. His father was born in Toronto Township, Upper Canada. His name was Isaac.

Buffalo Bill Picture

Buffalo Bill Picture

Facts about Buffalo Bill 7: the nickname

The name Buffalo Bill was applied to him because of his buffalo meat that he supplied to the Kansas Pacific railroad workers. Get facts about Brigham Young here.

Facts about Buffalo Bill 8: the American bison

The American bison is also known as a buffalo in US. People believed that Bill had killed 4,282 buffalo in only 18 months.

facts about Buffalo Bill

facts about Buffalo Bill

Facts about Buffalo Bill 9: Cody’s adventures

Cody’s adventures were published by Ned Buntline for Street and Smith’s New York Weekly. The story was based on Cody but he largely made it up. Bill and Buntline met each other in 1869. Get facts about Bruce Ismay here.

Facts about Buffalo Bill 10: the fame of Wild West Shows

The Wild West Shows was very popular in the world because people were interested with the piece of the true American West.

Buffalo Bill Facts

Buffalo Bill Facts

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