10 Facts about Burning Materials

Wednesday, September 23rd 2015. | Physics

Facts about Burning Materials talk about the burning process during fire. The process of releasing heat and exothermic chemical process of combustion is included in the burning process. However, the processes such as digestion and rusting are not included. The visible portion of the fire is the flame. If it is very hot, the gases can generate plasma. Here are some interesting facts about burning materials:

Facts about Burning Materials 1: an important process

The burning material is an important process in the world. It can maintain the ecological system as well as stimulate the growth.

Facts about Burning Materials 2: the function of fire

Human being has used fire for various purposes. One of them is for burning materials. It is also used for propulsion, light, heating, cooking and signaling.

Burning Materials

Burning Materials

Facts about Burning Materials 3: the negative effect of burning materials

Even though fire is very important for human being, it also provides the negative effect. It can create atmospheric pollution, hazard of property, water contamination and hazard of life.

Facts about Burning Materials 4: how to extinguish the burning materials

If you want to extinguish fire from the burning materials, there are several ways to do it. The fuel source can be removed by turning off the gas supply. You can also use the application of water or covering the flame completely to extinguish it. Check facts about air pressure here.

Burning Materials Picture

Burning Materials Picture

Facts about Burning Materials 5: burning wood

Wood is one of the common materials that people burn during the camping activity. You can use it to warm the body during the cold season.

Facts about Burning Materials 6: the forest fire in Canada

The variation of color can be seen on the burning material.  The organic material probably is in yellow tone, while the fire is in white near the ground.

Burning Material

Burning Material

Facts about Burning Materials 7: the fire in the natural ecosystem

Fire is important to sustain the life of the natural ecosystem. It allows more species of plants, microbes and animals to live.

Facts about Burning Materials 8: the first fire in the world

The first fossil fire was estimated to occur 470 million years ago on the Middle Ordovician.

Burning Material Picture

Burning Material Picture

Facts about Burning Materials 9: the wildfire

It was around 420 million years ago that the first wildfire was recorded. Get facts about bushfire here.

Facts about Burning Materials 10: how to control burning materials

Human being is able to control the fire. By burning material, the early human beings were able to cook food, create heat and make light.

Burning Picture

Burning Picture

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