10 Facts about Cherokee Culture

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By reading Facts about Cherokee Culture, you will notice the lifestyle of the native Indian people who inhabited the southeastern areas of United States. The record of the Native American cultures prior 18th century had been made during the Spanish expeditions. The culture and society of Cherokee was recorded by John Howard Payne in 19th century. Check other interesting facts about Cherokee culture by reading the below post:

Facts about Cherokee Culture 1: Payne papers

In Payne papers, you can find out two part societal structures in the life of Cherokee. The seven clans were the preventative of the white organization of the Cherokee elders.

Facts about Cherokee Culture 2: the white group

The responsibility of the religious activities in the Cherokee tribe was on the hand of the white group. Their jobs included prayer, purification, and healing. This group was priestly and hereditary. Find facts about Brazil culture here.

Cherokee Culture and History

Cherokee Culture and History

Facts about Cherokee Culture 3: the red group

The red group was considered as the second group in Cherokee tribe.  The members of the group were the younger men who were ready for warfare.

Facts about Cherokee Culture 4: the view of warfare

The Cherokee considered warfare as a negative activity. Before the warriors came back into their normal village life, they had to follow the purification ritual held by the priestly group. Before 18th century, this social hierarchy vanished.

Cherokee Culture Facts

Cherokee Culture Facts

Facts about Cherokee Culture 5: the change

The change of this social hierarchy is still on the debate until this present day. Some experts believe that there was a revolt against the priestly class called Ani-kutani.

Facts about Cherokee Culture 6: the migration

Many historians and experts believe that Cherokee was from Great Lake regions because they speak the core of the Iroquoian language. These people migrated to the south. Find facts about British culture here.

Facts about Cherokee Culture

Facts about Cherokee Culture

Facts about Cherokee Culture 7: the famous Cherokee

Can you mention some of the famous Cherokee? Those include Cherokee senator and diplomat, William Penn Adair; Cherokee Nation senator, Ned Christie; the first female Principal Chief of the Cherokees, Wilma Mankiller and many more.

Facts about Cherokee Culture 8: Museum of the Cherokee Indian

If you are interested to study more about the culture and history of Cherokee, you have to visit Museum of the Cherokee Indian.

Cherokee Culture

Cherokee Culture

Facts about Cherokee Culture 9: marriage

Polygamy was a common thing to conduct by Cherokee before 19th century.

Facts about Cherokee Culture 10: the language

What is the language of Cherokee people? They speak a Southern Iroquoian language.

Cherokee Culture Pic

Cherokee Culture Pic

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