10 Facts about Cormorants

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Facts about Cormorants tell you the aquatic birds included in the family phalacrocoracidae. There are forty species as the members of the family. Some people often call cormorants as shags since it is not easy to distinguish both of them. if you want to know more about the medium to large birds, check the below post:

Facts about Cormorants 1:the size of cormorants

Let’s find out the size of cormorants. It has the wing span around 18 to 39 inches. The body weight of cormorants is around 0.35 to 5 kilograms.

Facts about Cormorants 2: the bill and feathers

The bill of cormorants is hooked, thin and long. The feathers of most cormorants are in dark color. The webbing is found between all four toes that the feet of cormorants have.



Facts about Cormorants 3: the main diet

Fish is considered as the main diet for cormorants. They will dive from the surface to catch the prey. Cormorants are amazing divers.

Facts about Cormorants 4: the depth of diving

Some species of cormorants can be found diving as deep as 45 meters. There is no need to wonder that cormorants have the short wings for they will help them to move underwater easily.

Cormorants Facts

Cormorants Facts

Facts about Cormorants 5: the colonies of cormorants

Cormorants can be found living in colonies. You can find their nest in cliffs, islets, trees and shore. Some of them can be found living in the inland water, while others are in coastal areas.

Facts about Cormorants 6: the ancestors of cormorants

It is hard to believe that actually the fresh water birds are considered as the original ancestors of cormorants.



Facts about Cormorants 7: Phalacrocorax harrisi

Phalacrocorax harrisi is the flightless cormorant. It has the maximum body weight at 11 lb or 5 kilogram. The length is around 39 inches or 100 cm. Get facts about bird migration here.

Facts about Cormorants 8: the pygmy cormorant

The pygmy cormorant has the biological name Phalacrocorax pygmaeus. It has the weight at 12 oz or 340 gram. The size is around 18 inches or 45 cm.

Cormorant Pic

Cormorant Pic

Facts about Cormorants 9: the face

The face of Cormorants is mostly colored.  It can feature yellow, red, orange or even blue tone. Find facts about bluebirds here.

Facts about Cormorants 10: the coastal birds

Cormorants are coastal birds. They are not oceanic birds. You can find them in various parts of the world. But you will not find them in central Pacific islands. They like eating water snakes, fish and eels.

Facts about Cormorants

Facts about Cormorants

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