10 Facts about Cumulus Clouds

Tuesday, May 17th 2016. | Science

If you want to know a type of cloud, check Facts about Cumulus Clouds. The word Cumulus is taken from Latin word, Cumulo.  The meaning of this word is pile or heap. There is no need to wonder that Cumulus clouds have the flat bases with fluffy and cotton like appearance. The texture looks puffy. The Cumulus clouds usually are located less than 3,300 feet or 1,000 meters. They are considered as the low level clouds. You can spot Cumulus clouds on the sky in a cluster or even in line. Here are other interesting facts about Cumulus clouds to note:

Facts about Cumulus Clouds 1: the weather factors

The weather factors which include temperature gradient, moisture, and instability can affect cumulus clouds.

Facts about Cumulus Clouds 2: the precipitation

The level of precipitation generated from cumulus clouds is very small. However, it can generate higher level of precipitation if the clouds grow into cumulonimbus clouds.

Cumulus Cloud Images

Cumulus Cloud Images

Facts about Cumulus Clouds 3: the formation of cumulus clouds

Let’s find out the formation of cumulus clouds. The ice crystals, supercooled water droplets and water vapor can create cumulus clouds.

Facts about Cumulus Clouds 4: the subforms of cumulus clouds

The subforms of cumulus clouds can come in varied shapes. The earth will be cooled by the presence of cumulus clouds because they can reflect the solar radiation.

Cumulus Cloud

Cumulus Cloud

Facts about Cumulus Clouds 5: the size of cumulus clouds

The temperature and inversion will affect the size of cumulus clouds. The total mass of cumulus clouds will be enhanced during the convection.

Facts about Cumulus Clouds 6: the concentration of cumulus cloud

The height of cumulus cloud will affect the liquid water density. It has the concentration at 0 gram of liquid water per kg of air.

Cumulus Cloud Pic

Cumulus Cloud Pic

Facts about Cumulus Clouds 7: the rise of cumulus cloud

The concentration of cumulus cloud will be enhanced quickly. The highest level of cumulus cloud concentration ever discovered was at 1.25 grams of liquid water per kg of air. Then the concentration will be reduced again until it reaches 0. Check facts about biomes here.

Facts about Cumulus Clouds 8: cumulus cloud in lines

Cumulus cloud can be found in lines. It can span up to 300 miles or 490 km. People use the term cloud street to call the cumulus cloud in line.

Cumulus Clouds

Cumulus Clouds

Facts about Cumulus Clouds 9: the amount of moisture

The amount of moisture on cumulus cloud will affect the height. It will result a lower cloud base if it has humid air. Find facts about bubbles here.

Facts about Cumulus Clouds 10: cumulus cloud in mountainous area

The cloud base can reach 20,000 feet to 6,100 m if cumulus cloud is spotted above the mountainous regions.

Facts about Cumulus Clouds

Facts about Cumulus Clouds

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