10 Facts about Daffodils

Friday, June 3rd 2016. | Plants

Not many people know the Facts about Daffodils. It’s known as jonquil and narcissus. This flower actually belongs to Amaryllis family. There are many types of species around the world. You can learn many things about the flower, in fact.

Facts about Daffodils 1: the Description

The flower’s stem doesn’t have any leaves. There are around 20 blooms at the top of the stem. In term of height, it can reach 20 inches. It depends on the variety, though.

Facts about Daffodils 2: the Bloom

Flower consists of a corona that is encircled by perianth. The inner leaves are called petals. The other three leaves have a shape that is similar to sepals. The color of the flower is gold. There are various colors like orange, yellow, pink, green, and white.



Facts about Daffodils 3: the Development

Daffodils actually grow from the bulb. It’s the place that stores important nutrients for all parts of the plant. The autumn is the perfect time to plant flowering bulbs.

Facts about Daffodils 4: the Seeds

Apart from the bulbs, daffodils can also grow via seeds. The seeds are black and come with a protective rigid coat.

Daffodils Facts

Daffodils Facts

Facts about Daffodils 5: the Waking of Nature

Daffodils bloom in the beginning of the spring. People call it as the waking of nature. Yet, there’s a rare species that is able to withstand the harsh temperature. That means the flower grows through the snow.

Facts about Daffodils 6: the Defense System

The plant can keep the predators away using its lycorine. It’s toxic alkaloid that is useful to deal with predators. Look at facts about cucumbers here.

Daffodils Image

Daffodils Image

Facts about Daffodils 7: It’s Harmful

Daffodils are harmful to human. The flower isn’t safe to be kept in the vase with other species. As for human, there’s an allergic reaction called the daffodil itch. Florists often develop this allergic reaction, in fact.

Facts about Daffodils 8: the Healing Properties

People in Ancient Rome used Daffodils as a healing plant. They extracted the sap to deal with their health problems. There’s Narciclasine. It’s an important substance. Some medical studies believe that it can treat cancers.

Daffodils Pic

Daffodils Pic

Facts about Daffodils 9: the Farmers

Farmers believe that Daffodils may harm their hens. They don’t want to plant this flower as they are afraid their hens won’t lay any eggs. Get facts about cumin here.

Facts about Daffodils 10: the Gift

Many people use daffodils as a gift. It’s a perfect flower that represents happiness and good fortune. However, a single daffodil represents bad luck.

Facts about Daffodils

Facts about Daffodils

Facts about Daffodils have entertained you, right?

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