10 Facts about Eleanor Roosevelt

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Facts about Eleanor Roosevelt talk about the notable political figure in America. People also recognize her as an activist and diplomat. She was born on 11th October 1884 and died on 7th November 1962. Her husband was the former president of US, Franklin D. Roosevelt who took the presidential office for four terms. Therefore, Eleanor took the role as the First Lady in March 1933 until April 1945. In United States, Eleanor took the record as the First Lady with the longest serving term. Let us check the detail post below for more information about Eleanor Roosevelt.

Facts about Eleanor Roosevelt 1: the role as an activist

Eleanor was praised due to her role as an activist. Her accomplishment was spotted on the human rights. There is no need to wonder that she was called as First Lady of the World by President Harry S. Truman.

Facts about Eleanor Roosevelt 2: United States Delegate

In 1945 until 1952, Roosevelt served in the United Nations General Assembly as a US Delegate.

Eleanor Roosevelt Pic

Eleanor Roosevelt Pic

Facts about Eleanor Roosevelt 3: family

Her family was notable in the United States history. President Theodore Roosevelt was his uncle.

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Facts about Eleanor Roosevelt 4: the early life of Eleanor

Let us talk about the early life of Eleanor. Her parents died when she was young. There is no need to wonder that her early life was not happy. She also had to deal with the death of her brothers.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt

Facts about Eleanor Roosevelt 5: education

Roosevelt was educated in London by attending Allenwood Academy when she was 15 years old. Marie Souvestre was the headmistress of the school who influenced Eleanor.

Facts about Eleanor Roosevelt 6: marriage

In 1905, Eleanor married Franklin Delano Roosevelt after she returned to United States. Her husband was the fifth cousin once removed. It was not easy for Eleanor to enjoy the beginning of her marriage. He had to deal with Franklin’s mother Sara due to her controlling attitude. In 1918, she found that that her husband had an affair with Lucy Mercer. Due to her unhappiness, she decided to focus on the public work.

Facts about Eleanor Roosevelt

Facts about Eleanor Roosevelt

Facts about Eleanor Roosevelt 7: the political career of her husband

In 1921, her husband had paralytic illness. Eleanor always tried to encourage him to stay in politic.

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Facts about Eleanor Roosevelt 8: Governor of New York

In 1928, Franklin won the election as the Governor of New York. Eleanor often appeared in public to support her husband’s duty.

Eleanor Roosevelt Image

Eleanor Roosevelt Image

Facts about Eleanor Roosevelt 9: a controversial First Lady

She was considered as a controversial First Lady during the era because of her standpoint on the racial problems.

Facts about Eleanor Roosevelt 10: the death of her husband

In 1945, her husband passed away. However, Eleanor was still active in politics.

Eleanor Roosevelt Family

Eleanor Roosevelt Family

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