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8 Facts about Anne Bonny

Facts about Anne Bonny present the details of the famous female pirate from Ireland who lived in 1700 till

February 21st 2015 | Figures

10 Facts about Amy Johnson

Facts about Amy Johnson give the ideas about the famous English aviator. There are many solo long distance flying

January 17th 2015 | Figures

10 Facts about Ambrose Bierce

Facts about Ambrose Bierce inform you with the famous American short story writer, editorialist, satirist, fabulist, and journalist. He

January 8th 2015 | Figures

10 Facts about Alice Paul

Facts about Alice Paul talk about the American feminine, suffragist, and right activist. Alice was born with the full

December 25th 2014 | Figures

10 Facts about Alger Hiss

Facts about Alger Hiss talk about the American author, lecturer and lawyer. This man also worked as a government

December 24th 2014 | Figures
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